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Amazon Fail (again and again and again)

I think it is time to use the cranial rectal extractor on the entire Amazon development team. Obviously their testing procedures are up there with the quality insight of the guy who attached two JATO (jet assisted take off) bottles to his car and lit them off. That won him, by the way, a Darwin award. Somewhere along the line my Kindle Fire HD managed to attach to an open network connection. The clock on the router was wrong and it reset the time/date on my Fire to 31 Dec 1999. Now the people at Amazon (dedicated to providing the "best service in the world") are smart. Why trouble the user with getting the time/date correct. Get the local time zone and set the clock for them. This of course assumes (assume: makes an ass out of u and me) 1 - that an internet connection is available, and 2 - that you don't need to log on to the provider over a secure (https) connection. Now I have railed about #1 - why should I not be able to use my Fire to read books and play games I h…