Monday, February 11, 2008

MAST 2007 Results

We posted our attendance at the MAST annual awards ceremony, and even posted the pictures of the winners up on the MAST page on Facebook at but we didn't post the final results.

And the winners are:

GP Division:
1st – Eclipse, Beth Thompson
2nd – Locke Ness 2, Fergie and Pat Locke
3rd – Natures Touch, Peter David

Division 1
1st – Dreamweaver, Ron Marish
2nd – Cool Change, Paul Cooley
3rd – Suntreader, Mike Drew

Division 2
1st – Poggy, Guy Mascari
2nd – Wisdom, Lee Konrath/Chuck Cerny
3rd – Corvus, John Norman

2007 MAST Cup
Natures Touch, Peter David

Congratulations to all!

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