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Down the KK River

I moved Reboot down the KK River today and over to the Milwaukee Yacht Club for Jason Anderson's wedding. It should be a fun time! Now to finish moving out of my apartment. Ugh!

Red Bottom

The new bottom paint is on. My complements to the staff at Southwind Marine for a very nice job. Today we will put in the new depth thru-hull and tomorrow we launch! Most of the stuff is out of the apartment - only two more loads to distribute. Of course I also need to get all my stuff down on the boat. Putting it away should be interesting! 5 days and a wake up!

Moving Day #1

Ugh! I have done this too many times. Today we are getting Spencer's furniture out of storage and my apartment and out to Madison. Tomorrow it will be Trevor. Why can't I be more like my parents and live in one place for 40 years? 20 and a wake up!

22 And a wake up!

For those who are wondering, I am planning an extended cruise after attending a wedding on August 1st. The plan is to head to the Canadian Maritimes, then down the East Coast of the United States. After that, who knows, but someplace warm for the winter. Bon Voyage Party City Lounge Layton Ave and KK 7 PM to bar close Wednesday, July 29th All contributions to the beer fund for the party are solicited and welcome!

New Bottom Paint

Reboot may actually get launched. We are in the process of putting on new bottom paint. Hopefully it will be done in the few days and we can get Reboot back into the lake!