Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Small Victory

It Started! That is to say the outboard engine is running! This is a small victory since the last time I tried to start it was 4 years ago on a family trip to Michigan. I did not get it to start, so it hasn't run in at least 5 years. Of course it is now belching 5+ years of accumulated crud so I have it running alongside Reboot. I did tow Gypsysails dinghy back over to them, since it weighs about twice as much it was kind of funny. I could only turn toward the side to which the tow line was attached. I did a couple of 270 degree turns to get there. The way back was much easier.
I feel a bit like the teenager who just got his driver's license. Presuming it keeps running I can now travel on my own schedule.

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