Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good work day

It has dawned on me that with friends from Milwaukee coming down next week and Steve, my former Navy CO coming down the following week I need to get on the stick if I am going to be ready to depart for Mexico at the end of the month.

On the family side I got the taxes done for everyone (myself, Trevor and Spencer) so that is off the list. What a time consuming project.

I have been working on the frame for the solar panels today. It is a bit of a pain with the cool wind but I need to get it done. Of course each morning I head for West Marine to find the parts I didn't think I needed. Today, after being proud that I drilled and ran the wires thru the tubing I realized that I have to move the stern lamp and GPS so I need to take some of my work apart again to drill more holes. Ugh.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get at least two of the four panels mounted and wired. Otherwise I am going to have to run the engine for several hours to cool down the refrigerator and charge the batteries.

More tomorrow.


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