Friday, March 12, 2010

Sun and Fun


It is a good week.  I spent some time with the MAST folks.  We took a schooner ride and then had some dinner.  It was great to catch up.  The weather has warmed up to the point where I am sweating in the daytime.  It is a very nice change.

I finally got my outboard motor back yesterday.  It runs very nicely.  Of course my sons will have to work several years to pay off the debt from the repairs.  While I was picking up the motor I saw the J-World instructors who are teaching my MAST friends.  They were holding a boom that had a serious kink in it.  Upon closer inspection it had a big crack in the aluminum too!  Apparently it decided to bend over double – or near double – with my friends on the boat.  I can’t wait to hear that story.

I am starting to feel the pressure of getting ready to leave Boca Chica.  That is actually a good thing as I have been sitting on my butt and getting fat most of the time the last couple of months.  It is time for a change.  It has been motivating me to finish various boat projects.



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