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Change of Plan

The weather has decided not to cooperate.  Planned departure mid next week.

Float Plan

Float Plan:
Departing May 1 Key West to Galveston TX aboard Kipeki (Hull Marked Gypsy)
Expected Transit 6-10 days.
Return Key West via auto - stops at Pensacola and Ft Rutgers FL.
Roger (wilco, over and out!)

Do not name your sailboat Reboot

If I could be paid my standard consulting rates for all the computers I have fixed since leaving Milwaukee I could retire.

I forgot, I am all ready retired!  Never mind.

Buzz Cut

After 10 months without a haircut I finally went the other way. Enjoy the picture of me as the long haired bearded sailing guy, it will not last long.

Key West destination Galveston aboard Kipeki

I was invited by Nick to help him move his Swan 46 from Key West to GalvestonTX a distance across the Gulf of Mexico of about 7500 nautical miles.  
The chronicle:

Day 1: We bought fuel and departed Key West channel under overcast skies and 5 to 10 knot winds.  After several hours we discovered that the bilge pump was on but not running.  Nick and I cleaned the filters, gave the pump a sharp rap and it was all good.  We also tightened the cutlass bearing to slow the drip.
Day 2: After motoring most of the night in very light winds we arrived at the dock at Ft Jefferson Park in the Dry Tortugas and tied up.  We took a quick tour of the fort.  Nate and Mike went to the gift shop and fell in love with the young lady clerk.  She apparently lives on the key for about 22 days at a time and was quite lonely.  However, duty called and we departed the Dry Tortugas for Galveston before she got off work for the day.  About 5 miles out a water hose let loose so we had another fire drill until we fou…

Departing for Galveston, TX

I will be helping my friend Nick bring his Swan 46 Kipeki from NAS Key West to Galveston, TX over the next week or so.  I will then drive back to Key West via the NAS Pensacola so I can visit the Naval Aviation Museum.  Once I get back it will be off to Norfolk, then in October (after hurricane season) down to Mexico.

Southernmost Airshow

We had a weekend of the Blue Angels.  Awesome!

Crazy Night

We have a new boat in the marina, a beautiful Swan 46.  Nick and his two nephews are transiting their newly acquired Gypsy from North Carolina to Honolulu.  Mike and Nate, the two nephews, are about the same age as my sons Trevor and Spencer.  They are really nice guys.Unfortunately Gypsy is having the dinghy engine problems just like I did.  So I have been giving back by ferrying them to and from shore as so many other cruisers did for me while I was waiting for engine repairs.  (Did I mention that my engine died again – it needed a new spark control box – another $600 fix?)  So we have been trading favors.   Mike and Nate cleaned Reboot’s hull prior to my insurance survey.  As a thank you I took them on the Duval Crawl.We got down town in time to enjoy some dollar beers and then met a gal who lived in Key West.  She suggested to the guys that we all go to Cowboy Bills.  Off we went.  (Do you know any young guys who will not follow the suggestions of a pretty girl?)  Of course I had…

Primordial screem

After two very expensive repairs to my dinghy motor tonight just took the cake.  I spent a few hours playing euchre with some friends and having a couple of beers.  Then I jumped down into my dinghy, pulled the cord to start the engine and the cord broke and came out in my hand.  I rowed back to the boat.EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Desert Storm

I am currently at a Navy marina.  I always find it interesting when I learn something about one of my fellow sailors.  I share my recent discovery of a poet among my brothers:Desert StormWithout the wind beneath my wings,I often think of home.Like pages in a summer breeze,They leave me all alone.When I’m not building bunkers,Counting camels, or swatting flies,I listen to Bagdad’s “Voice of Peace,”And all it’s deadly lies.I don’t know what to really think,It’s hard to play the part.For deep inside I feel some pain,Beneath my trembling heart.Last week there was some talk,And now we’re here to stay.If only we could figure out,Our Allies, for the day.It’s hard to be a soldier,In this, foreign, desert land,Where economics, more than life,They count as something grand.Some think that war is glorious,Magnificent and bold.In truth it takes our young men,And makes them very old.But if you say that we must fight,Then, here, we’ll make our stand.Just do not cry –When our blood runs dry,On this d…