Thursday, July 29, 2010

XO -The Cats 101 Photoshoot

Today was the day for XO to be the "talent" for Animal Planet's Cats 101 show. We started at about 9 AM this morning with some background shots on Reboot and then went for a sail down Halifax Harbor to Fisherman's Cove. Halifax Traffic was kind enough to ride shotgun with us and give us a nice clean shot across the harbor for filming.

We went ashore and XO got his first taste of ice cream. I expected him to lick it up but he was quite tentative. After a couple of small spoon fills he had eaten his fill and we headed back to the boat.

We had a nice beam reach sail and raised the asymmetric spinnaker for a short bit. It was a real handful with the changing winds in the harbor but we did get some good video footage. We then came back to Murphy's Wharf for a brief interview. We wrapped up with a walk along the boardwalk. It was shortened by a rock band doing a sound check that just freaked XO out.

We headed back to Reboot and I think both realized just how tired we were. XO is sitting in my lap cleaning himself and I am just relaxing.

Weather for the next two days is not very good but when we get the window we will head for St. John's Newfoundland.

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