What you don't know while traveling

Assailants killed at least 29 people — decapitating most of the victims — on a ranch in a part of northern Guatemala plagued by drug cartels, national police said Sunday.
The massacre took place early Sunday in the town of Caserio La Bomba in Peten province near the Mexico border, according to National Civil Police spokesman Donald Gonzalez. Among the 29 dead were two children and two women.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/05/15/massacre-northern-guatemala-leaves-27-dead-923560621/#ixzz1MW9PV4a5

This is in the general area of Tikal, the Mayan ruin that I visited a couple of months ago while on the Rio Dulce in Guatemala.  It sure gives one pause.


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