Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to the 50's

Yes, I really am that old.  I don't think that we had air conditioning in my family home until after I had moved out to go to college in the mid 60's.  About the only place that did have air conditioning was the local movie theater.  I grew up in very modest circumstances but every once in a while my parents could afford to let us go to the movies.  This was both a good and bad thing - I still have fond memories of This Island Earth and bad vibes from Them.  Even as a teenager the sound of crickets gave me shivers.

This summer has been brutal with heat.  The water temperature is up to 85+ degrees.  Even when the air temperature drops to the low 80's at night Reboot never gets really cool.  In the middle of the day even with the a/c running full blast it is still unpleasant inside.  But this is not a unique problem to Reboot.  I have discovered that even the public spaces - restaurants, the hotel lobby, and local stores don't have enough tons of a/c to keep up.

I decided that if I am going to be semi-uncomfortable I might as well be entertained.  When Trevor was visiting we saw the new Harry Potter and Transformers.  Yesterday I went to see Captain America.  Rapidly moving forward to 2011 I can describe it with one word taught to me by my sons: Meh.  And the theater was warm.  Even so it was better than sweating all day on Reboot.

As a perspective.  It is 7:30 AM EDT.  The outside temperature is 80.  The water temperature is 85.1.  The inside of Reboot is 90.  This is true even though the a/c has been running all night.  Ugh.

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