Monday, August 15, 2011

Safe in any weather

XO has found the perfect place to chill in any weather, the front head sink.  I am not sure what the appeal is at this point since we have not been underway in a couple of months.  Maybe he is telling me I need to go to the store and purchase one of those pet beds.

Speaking of not being underway the local diver/bottom cleaner has told me there is no point in trying to clean Reboot's bottom.  Apparently all of the copper has leached out of the ablative bottom paint.  I will be pulling Reboot in early September to paint the bottom.  My research into bottom paints is interesting.  Apparently the ~$125 West Marine paint has the same copper content as the ~$300 high end paint.  What is worth the extra $175?  Another insight is into "multi-season" paint.  I realized that most boaters don't travel very far each "season."  With about 15,000 nm since my last bottom paint job I think I have used up a lot of seasons.

I am also going to use this "availability" (for some reason the Navy calls yard time an availability.  I always thought that strange.  I figured an availability was when a ship could go and fight) to change my prop back to the maxi-prop.  I had changed it out in Green Cove Springs to see if I got better performance with the original equipment fixed prop.  I have concluded that I get very little loss of performance under power and a lot of drag under sail.

Fair winds and following seas.

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