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Rolling up the sidewalks in St. Kitts

The marina in St. Kitts is also at the cruise ship port. Walking off the cruise ship dock (that also contains customs, immigration, and the port office) you are surrounded by duty free liquor, jewelry, and tobacco shops. Of course if you realize that you are in a cruise ship port you only shop the stores when no ships are in and start your bidding at 50% of the advertised price.What made St. Kitts special is that the moment that the cruise ships depart all the doors to the stores slam shut. Andy and I tried to go out to dinner in Basseterre. There were only two restaurants open. The rest of the island is different. Everything is more normal. It is quite clear what the source of income is in Basseterre.Fair winds and following seas.

Off to Nevis

Since it will take two to three weeks to get all the parts to fix the transmission leak we have decided to continue south to Nevis. We will monitor the amount of oil and minimize the use of the engine. Hopefully when we get to Guadalupe we will have the parts and be able to get the transmission repaired.

Fair winds and following seas

Transmission Woes

I checked the oil in the transmission this morning and discovered that it had lost a pint of oil over the last week. Further investigation identified that the front seal is leaking. So we are planning to go back to St. Maarten where I have some support services to repair the transmission.

Of course an ATM ate Lori's credit card so we can't start back until she gets the card back.
Such fun
Fair winds and following seas.


Serendipity - the "happy accident."

One of my favorite web sites is What If by XKCD.  Each week he answers an interesting question. This week the question is "If you removed all the ships from the ocean how much would the sea level change. The answer is calibrated in spider silk. So, ships, spiders, serendipity.

Here is the link:

Fair winds and following seas

Pirates of the Caribbean

We had a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon the other night. For the first time I noticed that the British ships were flying the blue ensign. Wrong. Blue by land, Red by sea, White if in the Navy be. My trivia contribution for the day.

Fair winds and following seas.

St Kitts

We have now been in St. Kitts for a couple of days. We took advantage of an inexpensive daily rate to take a slip in the marina. For the first time in a long time we have a decent Internet connection. The downside is we also have a lot of mosquitoes that are driving us nuts every night.

Basseterre is the classic cruise ship port. Directly off the cruise ship docks are all of the duty free shops with the predictable merchandise: liquor, smokes, jewelry, and perfume. When there is a ship in port the area is pretty active, when the ships sails everything closes down. The rest of the downtown area is very active in the daytime but shuts down at night. We have been advised that it is not safe to go wandering around after dark. It is a short walk to the one bar that stays open but that is part of the tale.

Everything in St. Kitts is quite expensive - more so than any other island we have visited to date. Imported beer is $5 US per bottle. Any beer not brewed on St. Kitts is "imported&q…

Why singlehand?

I recently received an email from Suzanne Wheeler. She is moderating a blog hop about single hand sailing. She asked me if I had every blogged about it, I replied no but it was a fortuitous time for me to write a post. So here it is.
Why Single Hand?
Like many single hander’s I have met my intent was never to go it alone. I expected to retire and join the cruising community with my wife. We parted company and on 1 August 2009 I set off alone. It was a strange experience, I realized as I departed the yard with a fresh coat of bottom paint that I had never sailed Reboot by myself. My family or my racing crew was always on board.
That first trip, down the KK River to the Milwaukee Yacht Club for a friend’s wedding, was only a few miles and I motored all the way. Still, in its own way it was pretty eye opening, particularly my first attempt at docking an 11 ton sailboat by myself.
I left MilwaukeeWisconsin the next day and so experience two firsts: sunset (which was great) and sun…


We are currently on Statia, a very small island with a very large amount of tanker traffic. It is between Saba and St. Kitts. The Spider people have done some collecting. We expect to move on tomorrow.Fair winds and following seas


We transited from St. Maarten to Saba with pleasant winds and seas a bit on the beam. Saba has no natural harbor. There are mooring balls in the traditional anchorage area so we tied up to one. The spider hunt team made contact with the local officials and have been off collecting.

The anchorage is very rolly. The island is very steep, sparsely populated, and very expensive. It is a cash culture, no one takes credit cards. Add to that the fact that there are only two cash machines on the island and that one is broken - well you get the point.

Famous for the shortest commercial runway in the world Saba also has a large SCUBA operation. But that is about it. Not a place I would be in a hurry to return to.

Fair winds and following seas.

Big Maintenance Day

We are planning on leaving for Saba tomorrow morning so today was the bow to stern walk thru to make sure we were all set. We found:1)The cotter pin holding the forestay was suspect. We replaced it.2)The anchor windless has been slipping. We disassembled it, cleaned it and put it back together.3)One starboard cotter pin holding the upper stay was suspect. We replaced it.4)We found four loose screws in the solar panel rig. We applied thread locker and tightened each.5)We removed a hatch, applied butyl tape, and reassembled.In addition, we did the normal stuff:1)Filled the boat fuel tanks2)Filled the water tanks3)Filled the dinghy spare tank and the working tank4)Started securing all the loose stuff for sea.5)Went shopping for food.We expect that it will be two to three weeks before we hit another major port. Our itinerary is Saba, Statia and St. Kitts. We hope to check out and make the 9 AM Dutch side bridge in the morning. This should get us to Saba in the mid aftern…