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I can drive again!

My drivers license finally got renewed today! So for the first time since November 2012 I can rent cars and drive legally. I haven't been this happy since I was 16 and got my first license. LOL

Fair winds and following seas

Sunday Workday

I got up early this morning and decided it was time to get some work done before it got hot. By noon every day it is approaching 100 degrees inside Reboot. Today was sail day. I got the jib down on the deck, and removed the easy furl from the boom. Maury came over and helped me load the sails into the dinghy and run them over to his house. I also put the asymmetric sail in the dinghy. It took two trips. The first was easy as the sails were in bags. The second a bit harder as we just stuffed the jib into the dinghy. It wasn't until I was part way to Maury's that I realized that I could not see very well. So of course I met a sailboat coming down the channel. Not a big deal, I could see well enough by holding the jib into the dinghy.

I tied up the dinghy behind Gypsysails and we unloaded everything. Taking the jib out onto the lawn we were able to pack it up quite compactly as it is being shipped back to Neal Pryde Sails tomorrow for repairs. This is the first time I have been a…

Hot Hot Hot!

It is definitely July/August in North Carolina. Yesterday we didn't get afternoon thunderstorms, we got sun. It was 101 degrees inside Reboot in the afternoon. It did not cool down inside until about 4 AM.

Fair winds and following seas.

Fairfield Harbor

XO and I are now at a dock in Fairfield Harbor, NC (near New Bern) where we will work on the boat for the rest of the month. Then to Oriental for haul out.

Fair winds and following seas.


Leaving Morehead City for New Bern NC at 12:15pm

The jib after the storm

Hopefully the damage is to stitching and the sacrificial.

Fair winds and following seas.

A morning of sunshine!

For the first time in several days there was actually sun this morning! I was sorely tempted to cast off and head for FairfieldHarbor but I checked the weather forecast first – 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms. So I checked tomorrow and the forecast is only 20%. Since I have no pressing need to move I decided to give it another day.Fair winds and following seas

Waiting for a weather window

This is the view of my chart plotter weather screen this morning. This is what it has looked like since I was 200 NM offshore on my way to Morehead City. They say we have at least two more days of this.

CBP came by this morning and checked me in. They were nice and it was painless.

Fair winds and following seas.

Waiting for CBP

When I arrived I called Customs and Border Protection to check in. They told me that they would contact me on Monday to arrange for my arrival clearance. I am waiting for their call.I am docked at the Sanitary Fish Market (restaurant and market) dock. The upside is it is very inexpensive. The down side is that there is not electric, no water, no showers, no laundry and no Internet. The closest Internet is in the waiting lobby of the restaurant or outside the front door. Unfortunately the coverage is so limited that I can not sit at a table or the bar and use the computer. It makes using the Internet quite a pain.I am feeling the effects of not having a driver’s license. Mine expired when I was out of the country and I need a vision test to renew it. The major shopping area is 5 miles from the dock.  That includes the Laundromat.  I will try and find a convenience store closer to Reboot where I can get some Gatorade and soft drinks for the trip up Adam’s Creek.The weather he…