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I break 100,000 views

I guess this means something

Butytl Tape Update

In the last couple of months my windows have started to leak badly. Yesterday I took three of the six windows apart to find that the butyl tape had completely deteriorated. I have been a big fan of butyl tape, even to the point of recommending it to others. I do not know if it was the salt or the heat in the Caribbean but the butyl had become almost liquid and had bled out of the bond. I re-bedded the windows 3M 4000UV .It was a real mess as the tube cracked open so I had to apply it with a putty knife. Then it rained about three hours later but the windows seemed to be sealed. We will see how it goes.

Fair winds and following seas.

Back in Birdland

I brought the boat back up to Birdland in Fairfield Harbor yesterday. No wind - not a problem since I left the sails behind when I went to Sailcraft. We left at 6 AM and did well until about 10 AM when the sun came out with a vengeance. We sweat our way into Fairfield by noon..

The Three Day Mast Project

Tomorrow will be two weeks and two days since I arrived at Sailcraft Service Boat Yard for my three day mast project. Like most yard periods it took a lot longer than expected and the bill (that was fair) a lot more than I wanted to spend.

An aside: I travel a lot and have been in and around a number of different boat yards. Sailcraft was the best yard experience in my four years of cruising and my 6 years of owning Reboot prior to moving aboard. They are knowledgeable, they take care of your boat, and they bill for what they do. Now, billing for what they do may sound normal. At Sailcraft they work hard. A job that might get billed in another yard at one hour gets billed at 15 minutes. Believe me, that makes quite a difference. They are also a combination of a full service yard and a Do It Yourself yard. Several times it was suggested to me that I prep or finish up a project to keep the cost down. This is possible because there is more than enough skilled work waiting for the staff.