Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nice Set - VHF Radios

Standard Horizon HX100
Yesterday I received my twin set of Standard Horizon VHF Radios from Defender Industries - (Click here for Defender web page) and installed the charger. They are only 2.5 Watt units (the HX150 are 5 Watt units) but the price was right - $89.99 for the pair. I know from experience that the 2.5 Watt power difference is unimportant to me. I only use a handheld when approaching a bridge or dock. That usage is normally line of sight.

I did not know that Standard Horizon is a Yaesu brand. Yaesu is a very respected Ham radio manufacturer. My previous handhelds were Icoms and I felt they failed far to quickly. They were also considerably more expensive. We will see how these do - they are submersible and floating. Always good for the dingy rides.

I was sent a couple of risque Aussie ads by a friend in the UK over the past few weeks. It made me think how our friends from down under would advertise such a bargain. I imagined the print ad: a well endowed young thing in a bikini with the caption "Nice Set." I am clearly getting old.

Fair winds and following seas.

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