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Online Financial Fraud

An amazing statistic from my bank

"Identity theft is on the rise. Every day, USAA handles 225 million cybersecurity alerts, blocks 35,000 attacks and prevents $2.4 million in fraud. Let us help you protect yourself from identity theft."
Fair winds and following seas.

First few days getting underway

On the Sailnet web site one member mentioned that he was just about to launch on the "great adventure." He said - experience is a great teacher. I am sure I will learn a lot once we get underway.

I said:
Not only with money, but with sailing/voyaging/cruising in general. Since you have a boat that has been around the world you many actually have some of the "stuff" that is not on a typical "cruiser" as delivered from the factory. They say that "ignorance is bliss" but it can also be expensive. I was working with a new cruiser getting his boat ready. I helped him install solar panels and an autopilot. I said, "Before you go let me look at the boat and make some recommendations." I went away for a couple of days and when I returned the boat was gone. He called me and said, "I can't stand the cold so I headed south. I will see you in Key West." One of those "must have" items is a boom preventer. But he didn't…

Cruising Budget - How Much Does it Cost?

There has always been a great interest in knowing how much to budget for the cruising life. The answer is always "it depends." I too was frustrated by the "it depends." In an effort to shed some light on the subject here is my take on the parameters of "it depends." I own a 42' sailboat and have done some cruising in North and Central American, Portugal, Spain and the Canaries, and in the Caribbean. My personal take is that one can cruise and tour comfortably in a 40 to 45 foot boat for about $2,500 to $3,000 per month. One can "live aboard" for much less. I am assuming that you are on a sailboat to see the world, not stay in a relatively small area.

The Big Issues

There are four factors that have an overall influence on both initial and operating costs. They are:

What risks you are willing to take,
How much comfort you desire,
What you consider to be a prudent insurance profile,
Where you cruise


There are various pieces of equipment tha…