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A good day on the hard?

It is never a good day to be in the yard. Reboot is getting new bottom paint and I decided to replace the cosmetic stripes that have become brittle and discolored over time. After the haul out I discovered that the rudder is delaminating. So I am now rudderless while it is repaired.

But last night was a good night to be in the yard. I am headed for Norfolk in the lower Chesapeake Bay. We had winds to 35 knots last night, the lower Chesapeake had winds to 70 mph. Two ships collided and a third ran aground. We are not talking pleasure boats here. Click here for a report from Fox News I am glad I did not experience that little storm at anchor!

Back to the rudder. I was dragged onto a reef during a freak thunderstorm in Garrison Bight (Key West) and the original rudder was destroyed about two years ago. I contacted Foss Foam and they sold me a new rudder. It was installed and took me to Europe and back.

A day in the sun

Today the high temperature hit 81 degrees. I was planning on moving Reboot but decided to just sit in the cockpit and enjoy a quiet day working on small projects. I feel refreshed. Interesting that actually putting in 7 hours of work left me very tired. All these days in port have reduced my endurance for actual work.

Fair winds and following seas.