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Living aboard and buying a boat

Recently a female poster in one of the forums I read asked question about purchasing that first boat and living aboard. I decided to copy my response here - I hope you find it useful.
OK, a number of things:

Size of Boat: In general bigger is more comfortable but more important is faster. An increase in average speed of one knot means 24 NM per day. When you are doing 2700 NM transits (about the non-stop distance across the Atlantic) you gain a day for every four days you sail (most people plan on 100 NM per day on a transit unless they have a very slow boat.) The downside is weight. The heavier the boat the harder it is to deal with that last 5 feet (dock, mooring, etc.) In the "old days" "cruising boats" were built very heavy. The general idea was they were safer. But they were slow and made it more difficult not only docking but trying to avoid weather. So when you look at boats make sure you consider the weight too.Physical strength: Realize …

Muscle Aches

Ever since I have lived on Reboot I have been susceptible to muscle aches, in particular lower back aches. This is particularly true when I get up in the morning or when I have been sitting working at the salon table for some time. It finally dawned on me that the cause is boat heel. But you say: you are in port at the moment!

When tied to a dock with the wind blowing the boat heals. A strong beam wind can add 5 degrees of heel (not comfortable particularly when the boat is being pushed against the dock and you are listening to the fenders squeak.) What happens, I have decided, is that the body reacts to the heel and tries to stay upright. This puts one's spine completely out of the vertical. Hence it hurts!

Fair winds and following seas :)

Blog Email Subscriptions

Did you know that you can have my blog delivered direct to your mailbox whenever I post? Well, apparently a lot of you don't know this option exists. That is because the "Subscribe by email" entry (on the right hand side just below the photo album) is not shown by many ad blocker software packages. If you want to subscribe and you don't see the entry turn you ad blocker off, reload the page, make your entry, and then turn your add blocker back on. Easy!

Fair winds and following seas :}

Photo Gallery Added

I have been looking for a good way to post the many pictures I have taken of my travels. I have added a link in Roger's Links (on the right hand side of the page part way down) that takes you to my Picasa Web page. There you will find albums of the various countries that I have visited. Way Out!

Fair winds and following seas :)

Waterproof Marine Toilet

When I was in Sint Maarten I replaced both of the toilets with Sealock RM69 toilets. One would think that a MARINE toilet would be rust proof! No, its not. The hardware that holds the seat to the bowl has rusted out on both toilets. The good news is that on one of them I was able to remove the rusted and fractured rod making a cheap fix possible. Not so on the second toilet. So off to Home Depot or Lowes to see if I can find a toilet sea hinge. Otherwise it is new toilet seat time.


Fair winds and following seas :)