Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Becalmed at 5 knots

It has been a strange couple of days. I left Key West for Jacksonville FL on my way North for the summer. (Yes, I intend to go to Mexico and Belize but in October. Its an insurance thing.)

There has been almost no wind so I have motored a lot. This is a problem as I don't carry all that much fuel, but since I am traveling along the coast I can afford to burn fuel as I can always duck in for more. Today I was off Miami in the middle of the Gulf Stream. No wind, but I was sailing at 5 knots on the combination of current and wave action. Most of the time the sails were flapping in the breeze. Weird! Then we got a series of storms and I was doing 8 knots with just the main up. Fortunately I got to watch the thunderstorm behind me rather than being in it. The weather has passed over me and now the wind is back to 2 knots.

I am looking forward to Jacksonville as I intend to adopt a kitten to keep me company. We will see how that goes.

At the moment I am off Fort Worth and there is not another boat within 16 miles of my location.

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