Sunday, November 30, 2008

Why am I here?

Today we got the first real snowstorm of the season.  Of course I have tomorrow off and intended to work on Reboot.  My luck seems to be holding...  Or should I say my lack of luck...
I did spend part of today trying to learn to splice double braid line.  I now know how.  It is a lot of work with a high tech line like V-100 that is very stiff.  I may leave the real splices for my new jib and main halyards to people who do this all the time.
I do so look forward to Spring!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Woops! Pictures

According to Aaron Kelly the concrete under the crane gave way.  The crane operator rode the crane all the way into the river.  Then he got to swim back thru the oil and fuel.
And, oh by the way, that is Skipper Bud's on the left!


From WTMJ - News Radio 620 in Milwaukee:

By Dan O'Donnell

Crews worked to contain an oil spill Tuesday afternoon after a crane carrying a 25-foot yacht crashed into the river near Skipper Bud's Marina.

As much as 90 gallons of diesel fuel and 160 gallons of oil spilled into the river.  Most of it has been contained, and the U.S. Coast guard said the area should be completely cleaned by late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

Investigators are still trying to determine precisely what caused the crash.


I like the "near Skipper Bud's Marina."  I will nose around, there is nothing near Skipper Bud's that would not be another named marina.  Developing ...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Change in Attitude

Tuesday night at dinner I had an Epiphany!  I realized that after a lifetime of being a conservative that now, at 62, I had become a liberal.  I was now on the dole and could support Obama because he is going to "spread it around" and I will be on the receiving end! 
In the morning I realized I wasn't on the dole.  I have contributed all my life to Social Security and if I am lucky the governement will provide me with a 1.25% to 1.5% return on my investment.  I had a second epiphany!  It was only the beer talking!
BTW note I said conservative and liberal, not Republican and Democrat!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Southwind Marine Update

I spend most of yesterday at Southwind Marine helping Ken B winterize his boat.  It was a good thing we did as there was ice in his bilge when we started!  And it is only early November!  I did also get a chance to make some progress on sorting Reboot out for the winter.
I had a delightful conversation with Brian Reed, the owner of Southwind.  Brian has been making a major investment in Southwind.  Today we watched as the marine construction company vibrated a new metal seawall in place.  Brian explained that the muddy area along the KK river face of Southwind is being converted into finger piers.  This will not only provide new services at Southwind but also clean up a very ugly area of riverfront.  He also told me that the Army Corps of Engineers will be dredging the river.  I will get some pictures of the work in progress when I go down to Southwind next week.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It is soooooooooo cold!

Thank goodness we got all three boats hauled out last weekend.  When I got up this morning it was 32 degress and I don't think it ever got much above 35 all day.  After a miserable spring we now have a very quick transition into winter.  No fair!  I definately have to become a "snow bird" and take the boat South in the winter.  Of course at the moment there are still hurricanes down there, so I guss somewhere around Virgina Beach would be a good spot.
Would you believe there are still boats in the water?  They are going to have a very cold trip up the river.
Off tomorrow to continue working on getting Reboot ready for winter.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Tis not the season to be jolly!

Could you believe that the local radio stations are playing Christmas music?  Before Halloween?  What is this...
Today was the seasonal sad day.  We took Morning Star, a friend's Hunter, up the river yesterday, Reboot today and tomorrow belongs to Why Knot.  On the one hand I don't have to worry about freezing weather and snow.  On the other hand seeing her in her cradle for the winter is just sad.  Amazing that the yard is already pretty full but there are still a far number of boats at McKinley marina.
The only unusual part of all of this was the maritime security zone around LCS-1 USS Freedom.  It extends out almost to the marina exit.  Yesterday we got an escort along the breakwall.  Today the Coast Guard just acknowledged we were doing the transit and watched us from a distance.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Death of a business

I stopped by at Inner Harbor Marine the other day to see how it was going.  The store was closed and most of the inventory was gone.  I guess that Aaron has become a victim of the terrible year for boating.  It is always sad to see a small business fail.

USS Freedom (LCS-1) Commissioning

The USS Freedom is the first of a new class of Navy combatant - a "Littoral Combat Ship." With a blue and gold crew of only 40 sailors each on at 300+ foot ship this represents a new level of "minimal crewing." Like SSBN's each crew is on for 4 months at a time, only one crew is manning the ship at a time. Should be interesting to see how they manage to get all the necessary maintenance done with only 40 people! If you have never seen the US Navy commission a ship I strongly recommend you stop by and watch if you are anywhere close to Milwaukee WI on Saturday November 8th at 10 am.