Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Southwind Marine Update

I spend most of yesterday at Southwind Marine helping Ken B winterize his boat.  It was a good thing we did as there was ice in his bilge when we started!  And it is only early November!  I did also get a chance to make some progress on sorting Reboot out for the winter.
I had a delightful conversation with Brian Reed, the owner of Southwind.  Brian has been making a major investment in Southwind.  Today we watched as the marine construction company vibrated a new metal seawall in place.  Brian explained that the muddy area along the KK river face of Southwind is being converted into finger piers.  This will not only provide new services at Southwind but also clean up a very ugly area of riverfront.  He also told me that the Army Corps of Engineers will be dredging the river.  I will get some pictures of the work in progress when I go down to Southwind next week.

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