Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Wind Storms

Reboot is at Ao Po Grand Marna on the east coast of Phuket Island. The weather pattern is a few days of sunshine followed by a few days of rain storms. I prefer to anchor out when possible. It is quite the relief to my bank account. However I can into Ao Po to get some shopping and other errands done.

I have discovered that along with the rain comes strong wind gusts - typically reaching 30 knots. This continue as the front moves thru. From no wind to 30 knots to no wind in a half hour. This process then repeats itself perhaps 10 times a day.

As a consequence I have decided to spend more time in the marina until the weather pattern changes to something more benign.

Fair winds and following seas :)

Monday, June 18, 2018


It has been raining most of the last three days. Everything is slippery. It is well known among cruisers that falling down the companionway ladder is a frequent source of injury. That is why I never carry anything in my hands on the stairs. Today was my day to take the tumble. Fortunately I only bruised my side. Hurts anyway. 

Fair winds and following seas 😊

Roger J Jones s/v Reboot

Saturday, June 16, 2018


I have closed my Facebook account. I am disgusted by the constant invasion of my privacy. I still get daily emails my "friends" who I have never heard of missing me. I hope the EU puts a death spike in this unprecedented surveillance. 

Roger J Jones s/v Reboot

When it rains it pours

An I don't mean Morton salt. In Thailand we get several days of sunshine followed by several days of thunderstorms and rain. We are currently in the rain cycle, and will be for several more days. The big drawback, since there are periods of just clouds so one can move around, is the necessity to go bail out the dinghy on a regular basis. I tried earlier only to be hit by the next shower.

Fair winds and following seas 😊

Roger J Jones s/v Reboot

Another hard day on Reboot

Roger J Jones s/v Reboot