Saturday, July 4, 2020

100 Years of Solitude and Amazon

I mentioned that I had purchased 100 Years of Solitude. What was very unusual for me is that I actually purchased the paperback. Keeping books on a sailboat is a challenge, they usually turn to pulp fairly quickly. Not to mention that they take up a lot of space. This is why every marina has a free book exchange shelf or shelves. Some have extensive offerings. I was stunned when checking into Marathon, Florida to find a library of thousands of books. 100 Years of Solitude has yet to be converted to Kindle so I ended up buying the paperback.

Amazon got a big leg up by pioneering ebooks and the Kindle format. Nots to mention Prime and Unlimited. But what have they done for me lately? The paperback deliver was late by a couple of days. Probably due to service disruptions caused by Covid-19. This morning out of the blue I got an email from Amazon. They gave me a store credit for the shipping cost without being asked. A good way to maintain customer loyalty.

Fair winds and following seas 😀

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