Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sail Trim (Dot Org)

In my never ending desire to go faster in Reboot I came across a site called The link, by the way, is Much to my surprise I found a site not dedicated to trimming sails, but rather to trimming sailors! It seems that one Jennifer Langille has created an emag dedicated to helping sailors keep in shape. Jennifer also blogs at about sailor fitness. She must be doing something right as she has Farr Yacht Sales as a sponsor. I should point out that as Reboot is a pretty big and heavy keel boat and I spend most of my time in the cockpit or the cabin I don't think all that much about staying fit. However, when I look at the guys in the foil moths and the 49ers and some of the other high performance boats I realize that physical fitness is a big part of the ride. So you might mosey over and give Jennifer a read. If you do, tell her I sent you. Roger


It has been raining most of the last three days. Everything is slippery. It is well known among cruisers that falling down the companionway ...