Wednesday, January 30, 2008

James Taranto

James was to join us last year as crew for the Bayview - Mackinac race but as we had to withdraw Reboot he never got the opportunity. He is on the crew list for this years Chicago - Mackinac race and we hope that he is able to make it. As part of my Information Technology consulting business I have been working in the area of website analytics and website optimization. Website optimization comes in two flavors: how to get people to your website (search optimization) and how to get people to buy something once they get there (conversion optimization.) In the course of my work I found two things about James that I did not know. The first, not surprisingly is that he has his own domain It expands the index of his work beyond the Wall Street Journal to his other writings. James - you need to talk to me about format - its pretty bland! But more fun, I found a link to a James Taranto in the archives of the Apollo Bulletin Board System (BBS) from 1985 thru 1992. This is reputed to be our same Wall Street Journal James! It just goes to show, even 20+ years ago whatever you posted on the internet has remained to haunt you forever! The link, by the way, is just in case you are interested. I hope no one is searching for my old posts!

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