Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wild Goose

I met up with Glyn at the MAST post race pizza party last night and got myself a ride today on Glyn's Soverel Wild Goose. With a displacement of 3900 lbs the boat is about as different from Reboot as one can imagine. Very tender (in other words it heals over very easily) and very light it accelerates in seconds compared to Reboot's minutes. We did a series of three windward leeward races (2 laps) in conditions to keep everyone on their toes. At the start the wind was blowing about 10 knots true, in midcourse about 3 knots true, and at the windward mark about 18 - 20 knots in gusts. We were further challenged by the fact that this particular crew had never sailed much less raced together at any time in the past. The results - 2, 2, 1. Sounds pretty good don't you think? Unfortunately there were only two boats in our division! As always it was not about doing things right, but rather not doing things wrong. We missed some sets and got ourselves all tangled up in our lines a couple of times. It was just enough for us to be watching the competition's stern instead of vice versa. The weather was sunny and warm so even with the results being a little less than we would have liked we all had a great time. Thanks Glyn for inviting me.

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