Monday, January 5, 2009

Southwind Marine Update

I went down to check on Reboot the other day.  While I was down at Southwind I was able to get an update on the work in the KK River.  The wall sheeting is up for the entire south side (the Southwind side) of the KK River from the RR bridge up to the 1st Street bridge.  The wall sheeting is currently being installed on the north side of the river.  When this is all done the Army Corps of Engineers is going to dredge the entire river up to Pier Milwaukee to a depth of 22 feet.  This will be great not only for Southwind but for Milwaukee Marine, Cramer's, and Pier Milwaukee!
Most (all?) of the old pilings just west of the RR Bridge have been pulled out of the water.
Brian Reed of Southwind told me that he is also planning on putting in some slips in the area right in front of Southwind.  With the prices at McKinley Marina up 9% this year I am sure he will find people to occupy them with no trouble.


  1. Brian Reed has said many thing. But just like the work his company takes on and fails to finish. I still don't see slips in front of Southwind.

  2. I posted this in Jan 2009. I have not been back to Southwind for a couple of yesrs (currently cruising in Spain) so I don't really know.