Friday, February 3, 2012

Reading lights

Original Reading Light

Reboot was delivered with what were, at the time, standard reading lights. I tried to replace the standard bulbs with LED lights.  For whatever reason (I think it was actually the difference between bayonet lights and indexed bayonet lights) I was never very successful.  The LED lights would not light unless held into the socket and would wiggle loose underway.

LED Light Strip
The other day I was wandering around Autozone waiting for a friend and happened to notice the LED light strips made for decoration of cars.  After pressing the "try me" button I realized just how bright the strips were.  So I bought a 36" strip for $29.95.  When I got home I discovered that in fact it was two 18" strips, but not to worry.  I have replaced the old reading lamps with the LED lights.  Not only are they a great deal brighter but the use far less electricity.  A win-win!

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