Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Montserrat - the Volcano

Soufrière Hills volcano
We have been anchored in Little Bay, the only remaining port in Montserrat after the series of volcanic eruptions made two thirds of the island uninhabitable. This is the area where the government is building the new capital. The old one, Plymouth, was destroyed in the early volcanic activity.

The Remains of Plymouth
Montserrat has a remaining population of about 5,000. The area around Little Bay was not heavily populated and remains pretty much empty of people. That said, we have had a lot of fun here. As you come off the dock through the port you will for sure meet Moose. He owns the first bar along the road and is quite an outgoing personality. Due to its proximity to the dinghy dock Moose's is also the cruisers' meeting place. There are also two nice restaurants, one usually open for lunch and the other for dinner.

There is no marina nor mooring balls so we have been at anchor for the last few days. Holding has been good in moderate winds (25 knots or less.) Montserrat has many dive and snorkeling sites We have not had the opportunity to take advantage of them but the water is crystal clear with visibility frequently 60 feet or more.

Andy had an unexpected good time when a charter boat with three men from the Czech Republic came into Little Bay. We met them at Moose's, had dinner and the next day had a dingy party on their boat. For Andy it was a treat to be able to talk Czech instead of having to think about talking in English all the time.

It has been hot and cold and pretty much everyone has picked up some kind of cold. We are hacking and blowing in the beautiful Caribbean.

Fair winds and following seas.

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  1. I remember that eruption (rom the news) After a lot of adversity yet it seems to be one of the nicer places you have visited from your blog.