Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nanny Cay Marina, British Virgin Islands

We are in Nanny Cay Marina in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. We experienced slow trips from Guadeloupe to English Harbor Antigua and from English Harbor to Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten due to wind and wave conditions. We decided to leave early in the morning so that we had plenty of time to reach the BVI in daylight. We left the Simpson Bay Lagoon on the 9 o'clock bridge. We got very favorable winds so we arrived in the BVI at 3 AM. Actually, we were about 10 NM from the BVI at 3 AM. So we furled the jib to a handkerchief and bobbed along until sunrise. Of course when we sail at 1 1/2 to 2 knots in 5 foot following seas Reboot rolls like a drunk. The trip that was delightful at the beginning turned out to be quite uncomfortable in the end.

We checked in at Customs and Immigration in Road Town. It has been a decade since I was in the BVI. My memory of Road Town was a dirt street village with a few structures. I could not understand why cruise ships would come to Tortola. Road Town now looks like any other Caribbean cruise ship port. Lots of places to suck money out of the tourists within easy walking distance from the dock!. It is a small and modern little city (and to their credit quite neat and clean.)

The marina in Road Town was having a boat show so they were full. They were nice enough to let us leave the boat on the dock to check in but then we needed to depart. We headed down to Nanny Cay - about 3 MN east of Road Town. Tomorrow we try and get XO his rabies shot and hit the beach.

Fair winds and following seas...

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