Monday, June 3, 2013

Silent Sailing


Many people believe that sailing if quiet. It is anything but.


Last night we were about 100 NM north of the Dominican Republic on our way from the British Virgin Islands. Most of the time we have been sailing at night the moon has been out. In fact when we departed the BVI not only was the moon rising before sunset but it was full. Last night (26 May) I was sitting in the cockpit at sunset. The moon had not risen and all of a sudden it was pitch dark. as only the middle of the ocean can be. Andy came up and commented that she could not see a thing.


For some reason I was reminded of the first time I sailed Reboot at night. My ex-wife, my ex-stepdaughter, and her friend accompanied me from Milwaukee across Lake Michigan. We departed in the late evening so that we would arrive on the Michigan shore after sunrise.  After a few hours the women all went to bed leaving me alone in the cockpit. I soon became aware of all the sounds: the wind in the rigging, the waves slapping against the hull, the dingy bouncing behind the boat; the various blocks and sheets stretching and relaxing as Reboot rolled in the waves. All in all there is a lot of noise! It was unexpected and added to my general nervousness of my first big “offshore: venture.”


Fair winds and following seas.



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