Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A week to forgot - continued

For the second time in four days I visited the emergency room. This time I did not have a "minor" emergency, I upgraded to the full experience: ambulance ride, etc. I was riding back from working on a friend's computer when I once again started to get sweats and a massive pain in my side. I got back to the boat and took the meds from my "minor" emergency - an hour and one half later I was still in intense pain. I have heard that one can be having a heart attack without chest pain so I decided that I better call for help.

I called Maury and we agreed that we would call an ambulance instead of him driving me the 20 to 30 minute ride to the hospital. First to arrive was the Fairfield Harbour security department - EMT trained all. They took my blood pressure and heart rate. For me they were very high. The EMT's told me that they were "high normal." The ambulance arrived and they hooked me up to the EKG. The trace was normal. They explained that this meant I was not having a heart attack but that without a blood workup they could not tell if I had just experienced a heart attack.

Off we went to the hospital. Since I was not having a heart attack and they didn't know what was going on they were told not to give me any medications. It was a very unpleasant and painful ride.

I arrived at the emergency room and after about 1 hour they gave me a shot of morphine (the real reason I went in the first place...) I finally relaxed. My blood pressure dropped to 95 over 65 and my heart rate to 48 bpm. (Yes, in my normal resting state I am almost dead.) After a CT scan and blood work they informed me that I had not had a heart event but rather that I had a kidney stone that I needed to pass. Great - just another old person thing to experience! At least they gave me percocoet so the next time the pain hits I can just pass out instead of being in pain.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving with a kidney stone. (Actually I have been invited to a local home for Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to it.)

Fair winds and following seas.

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