Wednesday, May 21, 2014

US Coast Guard VHF Marine Safety Broadcasts

It has been noted by me and others that sometimes the US Coast Guard VHF marine safety broadcasts (Pan-Pan, Securite-Securite) can be difficult to understand or happen so quickly that one does not have the opportunity to find pencil and paper to write down the relevant information. If you are like me you are embarrassed to pick up the microphone and ask for a repeat.

The Coast Guard agrees that this is an issue worth study to determine opportunities to improve the communications. The point of contact in the USCG is Mr. Vernon Mann ( Short Range Communications Program,Telecommunications Strategic Plans and Policy (CG-6521.) If you have constructive ideas I encourage you to pass them on to him.

As one who has strong positive feels about the USCG I only ask that you keep your comments brief and to the point and to remember the apocryphal Coast Guard Motto:  "We have to go out, we don't have to come back."

Fair winds and following seas :)

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