Monday, February 2, 2015

Closet Cleaning

When I visited my sons for their birthdays in October I just stuffed some shirts into my bag. When I arrived they noticed that one shirt in particular was very stained. I had not been paying attention and was unaware.

I got my laundry back from the laundromat the other day. In the course of putting away my clean laundry I noticed that the laundromat had destroyed two shirts with bleach stains. Since these are custom shirts with the Reboot logo I was quite upset. (I still am, I have not made it back to the laundromat to talk to them.) Since this reminded me of the incident with my sons I decided to empty the closets.

I have always had two piles of shirts: nice, for adventures with friends, and crummy, for every day wear working on the boat. The every day shirts take quite a beating, not only from boat projects but from XO. He has a habit of jumping up on me and purring when he wants attention. Of course this requires that he hold on until I grab him - my everyday shirts are covered with kitty claw marks.

I thought that my "nice" shirts were immune. But it turns out that at least half of them are stained. It is very difficult to keep the inside of a boat dry. Apparently the humidity and/or ingress of water while underway has resulted in quite a few stains that will not come out. In addition to tossing half my "nice" wardrobe I now will go back to wrapping everything in plastic to protect it from the water.

Live and learn.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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