Saturday, May 9, 2015

Norfolk VA Arts Scene

Went to the Parlor on Granby to find some friends that used to work at the Lagoon of Baypoint Marina at Little Creek that now work at the Parlor. Of they were not there but I did have a nice conversation with a couple of the staff and guests. On the way from the car to the resturant I passed Work|Release. This is an exhibit - restaurant - bar - artist work space in the Norfolk NEON district. ("The New Energy of Norfolk".) There was an event going on so on the way back from the Parlor I stopped in. It turned out to be an exhibit of two students from the Governor's School.for the Arts. This is the High School of the Arts for Norfolk. The exhibit was fun. I had two reactions:
  1. The work was very dark. This from two young (17ish) women. Took me back a little.
  2. As a veteran of many New York City art shows it was fun to see a number of the young female students in their :"little black dresses with pearls." Wow, it was a long time ago when I was that young.
Fair winds and following seas :).

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