Friday, August 7, 2015

Sailor goes on shore leave, gets in fight

The night before last XO again managed to make an unauthorized shore excursion. He returned a couple of hours later with blood on his forehead and a scratched eyeball. What is it with sailors and fights on shore leave?

I walked him the 2 miles to the local vet yesterday morning. They confirmed that he had a scratch on his eyeball and gave me some  antibiotic to make sure it doesn't get infected. They were also very kind in that they had one of the employees drop us off back at the Solomons Yachting Center.

So, kudos to Solomons Veterinary Medical Center.

Now the night before last (the night XO got hurt) he was pretty quiet - obviously in pain. But one would think he learned his lesson. No, last night he jumped up onto the deck squeezing through a 2 inch wide gap in the companionway boards and top and once again headed off down the dock. Fortunately this time I heard the commotion of his escape and managed to head him off at the pass.

She must be quite the kitty if he is trying so hard to go back for more!

Fair winds and following seas :)

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