Saturday, February 27, 2016

Via Inmarsat:

A long rainy day. Mostly a continous heavy mirt with periods of actual
rain. We are in battery conservation mode as the solar panels are not doing
much charging. We could run the engine but that uses fuel. My preference is
to arrive at our destination with full fuel tanks. That way they are
available in an emergency.

We are at S 03* 50' W 92* 59' doing about 5 knots under overcast skys. It
is 3 am local and I, Captain Roger, am standing watch. XO has just arrived
in the cockpit for head butts and has now curled up next to me. Rookie came
off watch an hour ago and is sleeping in the cockpit. Davyd is asleep

The watches on Reboot are of variable length. From 10 pm to 4 am they are 2
hours long with 3 hour "shoulder" watches and 4 hour watches during the
day. We find the short night watches easier to stand.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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