Wednesday, March 30, 2016

//WL2K Amazon Fire - NOT

When my :ASUS eeePc died I purchased an Amazon Fire. I needed something light weight that I could carry easily to WiFi hot spots and do my mail, banking, etc. The Fire seemed the perfect device. And it was....


As happened with my Kindle on my Atlantic passage about 3 days out of Panama the Fire told me I had a rights management issue. It would not let me read any of the books I had loaded up for the trip. More importantly it would not let me read the cruising guides I needed to make good decisions and safe landfalls.

When we arrived in Hiva-Oa and I could make an Internet connection the Fire continued to give me fits. Among other things I could not contact Amazon tech support. I finally asked Paul to contact them, their answer "they all do that." Great! The answer was simple. De-register the Fire, then re-register it. So I de-registered it. It refused to re-register. It also turned off my access to my email, the web browser, and anything else I might have found useful in debugging the problem.

I finally called Amazon tech support on the satellite phone (at $2.50 per minute.) Nice person on the other end. He said, not sure what is going on, can I put you on hold? Sure, why not, only $2.50 per minute. He came back rather quickly and told me that the Fire was registered and that it needed a good Internet connection. So the plan is to fly to Tahiti, stay in a hotel, download the registration, fly back to Hiva-Oa. I am sure Amazon will be glad to pay for the trip. NOT!

Fair winds and following seas :)

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