Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sailing Yacht Morning Dove Lost

Morning Dove
I heard this morning that the Sailing Yacht Morning Dove (Bruce and Diana Moroney) was lost 200 miles (15 18 South 146 42 West near Arutua Atoll) from the Marquesas Islands. The boat was lost but all 4 POB on board were rescued. The original Mayday call was received by the Maritime Mobile Service Net. They were only able to get the longitude of the vessel. Subsequently Morning Dove activated their EPIRB and PLB. MMRC Papeete responded and they were all given the "vertical elevator." My information was that they were also on the roll call of the Pacific Seafairer's Net.

They were part of the Pacific Puddle Jump rally. (Note, there is another Morning Dove with 7 POB currently 200 miles off the Yucatan. That boat is not (to our knowledge) in trouble.)

Our wishes go out to them It is also a reminder of just how lucky Reboot and crew were making it to Hive-Oa after our problem with our rigging.

Fair winds and following seas :)


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