Saturday, July 23, 2016

Pago Pago - American Samoa

We have been here in Pago Pago for several days. Since the night of the wind storm with all the boats dragging we have kept an anchor watch on board pretty much all of the time. With four off us it has not been much of a problem, two on shore and two on board. There is really not all that much to see on shore. Most of our trips are shopping or provisioning.

Last night Al and I went to Tisa's Barefoot Bar. It is the Trip Advisor
#1 restaurant on the island. With the exception of one other table we were the only diners. This has been my experience in the Pacific, most places seem very empty. Perhaps the economy continues to reduce tourism. We had prawns and an outstanding filet of yellow fin tuna.

At lunch we went to Emilio's. It was OK. I think it is #3.

Btw, to give you some idea McDonalds is the #9 best restaurant according to Trip Advisor.

Today there have been occasional showers. The forecast for the next few days is more of the same.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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