Friday, March 17, 2017


I originally posted this on a cruising web site but it deserves to be shared with all my readers...

Warning - RANT ON

On another cruising forum I was complaining about their recent policy to charge money for webinars. It got me in a mood. On a day when many are sharing the blessings of a Saint with good Irish whiskey I share the posts without further comment.


I complain again (although no one seems to be listening) that XXXX is now a business (that, I admit, doesn't pay well.) What happened to cruisers helping cruisers? I do a radio seminar at rallies (for free.) I just put a couple who lost their boat in the Tasman Sea up on Reboot (for free.) (...)


My second post.

Having had time to work myself up to a dither.....

I would be remiss if I did not comment on all those who for FREE have helped keep me safe and sane for the last eight years of cruising.

Top Contributors: KI4MMZ, KM4MA, W3ZU. For daily position reports and weather information, coordinating with several RCC's when I broke my rig 1,200 nm from shore, contacting vendors to get specifications, following up with vendors to get parts made and shipped, researching and forwarding safe navigation information, and most importantly being there when in the middle of long solo transits I was slowly (or not so slowly) sinking into depressions. For FREE.

Et al. The Maritime Mobile Service Net, Intercon, Waterway Net, Pacific Seafarers Net, Northland Radio, Caribbean Safety and Security Net, Newfoundland Marine Net... All for FREE

And: Noonsite contributors, OCC and SSCA port captains, John Callie in Brisbane, Kevin Ellis in Nuku Hiva.... For FREE.....

Not to be left out: The USCG, the Society Islands (Tahati) RCC, the NSW Marine Police... Yes, they are government agencies but they went above and beyond..

And all those individuals and boats that helped me along the way. Names to numerous to list..... For FREE...

Thank you all. I raise a glass in toast of you all. Maybe more than one glass. It's five o'clock somewhere.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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