Saturday, April 1, 2017

A mixed day

A couple of days ago I had major dental surgery. I have four holes in my jaw and about 16 stitches. I am living on otc pain medication. It is not a lot of fun.

April 1 is (was, here in Australia) the end of my insurance hurricane exclusion. I can now sail north to Cairns and get positioned for the Sail 2 Indonesia rally. With the aftermath of Hurricane Debbie in my path I am not in a big hurry to leave*. I do, however, need to focus on all those nagging tasks to get Reboot ready. [Procrastination is my finest skill, apathy my middle name.].

Yesterday it was quiet at dawn. And not raining. A miracle! It was a good time to take the old jib down. It came down without a hitch. Of course I had it close hauled so it would fall on deck. Reboot said "lets go sailing" and took off! Fortunately I was still attached to the mooring. I was hesitant to raise the new jib alone even in light winds. With a couple of people it is much easier to get underway and then raise it rather than going crazy around the mooring.

What to do with the old jib? Without knowing if the new jib fit I was hesitant to throw it in the trash. The obvious solution was to take it and my patch material to shore. The launch came out and we wrestled the jib aboard. It probably weighs about 80 lbs. We beached the launch and dragged the jib on shore. As I was laying it out flat a new 10 foot long rip was created. She of three ocean transits was truly dead. RIP.

My grocery delivery had arrived so I lugged it all to the launch. Back to Reboot. Put the groceries away. Tried to eat. Mouth exploded. Took some pain meds. Napped.

I was delighted when Garmin Australia repaired my GPSMAP 5012 chart plotter in 5 days. The sun was out. Great time to reinstall it in the cockpit. Plugged it in. Nothing. Discovered that the fuse was blown and the fuse holder corroded. Have every fuse on board but the correct one. Wonderful ability to procrastinate. Will get the proper fuse tomorrow.

The day continued. Meds wore off. Pain. Napped. Tried a couple of more projects. Minor glitches stopped them all. Gave up. More pain meds. Went to bed. At least I got the jib handled.

Fair winds and following seas :)

* As I learned leaving Norfolk, Virginia as soon as my hurricane exclusion expired being able to go does not mean it is wise to depart!

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