Tuesday, June 13, 2017

MOVREP 091800ZJUN2917

21 55.799 S
150 25.149 E
Course 308 True
Speed 4.5 knots
Wind SSE 18 knots
Wave SW 3-5 feet
Sky 10%
Barometer 1025

142 nm to go

All OK. Near Townshend Island. Pretty night. Almost full moon. XO has been very needy. Wants to cuddle for warmth. He had a pukie moment but managed to not throw up. I think he is dealing with a hairball and I will see it soon.

Doing some detailed planning for Indonesia. Apparently very few services until we get to Bali. That means being provisioned for the transit and another six weeks. After Airlie Beach I stop in Cairns for mail and on to the rally fleet rendezvous at Thursday Island. It looks to me like the best place to load up will be Arlie. So provisioning like an ocean transit. My wallet will take a hit!

One of the hardest things to find when I was island hopping in the Pacific was pet supplies. I will have to bulk up on litter and food. Should be fun to find a place to store everything. Fortunately I took advantage of my Pacific crossing experience and have added spares for Reboot: filters, fluids, fuses, etc. The sails, standing rigging and ground tackle are pretty new so I hope not to have issues with them. We will see how it goes. My crewmember running over a wreck and causing $3,500 damage wasn't planned either. Nor was his well it's your boat so eat the cost attitude.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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