Friday, August 18, 2017

Vendor induced chaos

My frustration grows. In the beginning I had control of my stuff.
Granted the screens were green, there were no graphics, and a fast
modem (Hayes SmartModem) operated at 1200 baud. But I least I knew
where my stuff was. And vendors weren't downloading useless crap in
the background. And monitoring my every move. And installing useless
apps that both monitored my every move and downloaded even more
useless crap. Of course they also make it impossible to delete their
useless crap without a PhD in Computer Science. Not to mention
uploading my stuff without my permission to who knows where. (Only a
fool thinks the "cloud" is safe.)

Now that is bad enough. But it is not the focus of today's rant. (It
did get some airtime however.) I rant today about vendor induced
chaos. By this I mean the system where each vendor links their
equipment to only their apps. I take a picture on my Amazon Fire. Can
I upload it to my Google Drive. No. I have to upload it to the Amazon
Drive (which I neither need nor want.) I download a free book to read
on my Kindle. Does it get added to the library of all the books I have
downloaded from Amazon. Of course not. It gets buried so only with the
help of a third party application can I find it and read it. The list
goes on and on.

Of particular aggravation is the theory that I have unlimited access
to a reasonably quick internet at little or no cost. Not! Rural
Indonesia is not brimming with high speed free WiFi access.
Particularly a couple of hundred miles offshore. Joy of Joys when my
entire Kindle library of books that I have purchased and paid for is
rendered is rendered unreadable since the digital rights management
has expired and needs the internet to be reset. But that is another

I would share some pictures of beautiful Flores Island in Indonesia if
I could figure out which vendor stashed them in which proprietary box.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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