Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Sitting on a dock or being in an anchorage the answer is pretty simple. Volunteer to help the boats around you. But what can you do if you are a dirt bound wannabe? (No offense intended, we were all there once and most of us will end up there again.) If you have spare time and ambition the answer is to be an information source. Adopt a cruiser or two

I was very fortunate that when I started full time cruising 10 years ago I made friends with 3 extraordinary people via the Maritime Mobile Service Net (http://mmsn.org) They have followed me and supported me for ten years and still do (with the exception of one we lost to cancer.) With a special mention of Bill Sturridge. What do they do?

1. Receive my sailing plan and make sure I get to my destination. 
2. Coordinate with International rescue authorities when necessary - like when I lost my lowers 1200 nautical miles from land in the Pacific Ocean. Yes, we saved Reboot.
3. Send me "heads up" information on weather and destinations.
4. Contact and coordinate with vendors to help me acquire parts (Nuku Hiva is not a hotbed of spare parts sources.)
5. Research destinations, find the best deals on necessary parts, offer advice on repair options.
6,  Be good company on long transits  (I am a solo sailor. )
7. Just be there for me.

True story: about half way soloing the Atlantic I told Bill about the great conversation I had in the cockpit the previous night. He quietly said "you do realize you are alone?"

So adopt a boat or two!

Fair winds and following seas:)

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