Saturday, December 30, 2017

@FukuyamaFrancis is wrong!

Who am I to take on Dr. Fukuyama? A bored American sailor.

I read a recent interview with Dr. Fukuyama  (whom I respect - I have read every one of his books.) He tells of his concerns for the globalization movement and the rise of the mini-Trumps (his description) in Europe. He describes popuarism and nationalism as damaging the globalization movement.

I think he has it wrong. (Whew.) The enemy of globalization is multiculturalism. Dr. Kissinger in "World Order" and Samuel Huntington in "Clash of Civilizations" suggest that it is religion and cultural identity that are the primary source of conflict in the modern world. Popularism and nationalism are not a reaction to global economic events. They are a reaction to being force fed by governments, the media, and "social justice warriors" the absurd idea that all cultures are equally valuable. Cultures that do not respect the rule of law; treat women as property; engage in female genital mutilation; "honor" killings; the pervasive surveillance state; genocide; slavery; rape; - yes we are told - these cultures are equally valuable and valued as liberal democracy. IMHO society reacts by voting out the idiots who proclaim these views. Unfortunately like for President Trump the alternative (Hillary) is frequently worse.

Dr. Fukuyama postulates that political power derives from two sources: genetic overlap and reciprocal altruism. Reciprocal altruism works when both players understand the rules. We call that law and culture. Are you going to embrace governance by people who go out on a gang rape party and then have the women murdered by their families for "dishonoring" them? I think not. Particularly if one of the women is your daughter.

Globalization will never succeed until universal human rights are the norm, not the exception. The rise of nationalism in Europe was a direct result of importing millions of "refugees" who.are seen as degenerates by much of the population, not a reaction to globalism.

The interview:

Fair winds and following seas :)

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