Tuesday, January 23, 2018

New Main Sheet

How hard can it be to rig a new main sheet?

After a close examination of my quite old running rigging prudence dictated a replacement. I replaced all the halyards. Deciding this was a half measure I decided to replace the sheets too. They came today.

The main sheet has been sticky. I attributed this to the swelling from years of salt water exposure. Both the blocks and the clutches were maxed out with the current sheet size causing lots of drag. As with the halyards I decided to downsize and upgrade to high tech line - Samson MLX. With a Dyneema core this stuff is very strong for its size. It is also a bit rough on the hands.

I also realized that the fiddle blocks were 22 years old and decided to replace them. How hard could it be?

It is very hot in the afternoon. I waited until it cooled down. I waited too long. I found myself squinting to undo the ring retainers on the old blocks and squinting harder to mount the new ones. I also forgot that removing the boom preventers to get clear access to the boom attachments meant the boom could swing freely. Which, given the tide created waves it did. Boom went the boom!

Time to thread the sheet. It took four tries to get the right sequence of blocks. During which it started to rain. And then thunder and lightning. Not good to be holding on to a big lightning rod.

All's well that ends well. (Shakespeare.)

Fair winds and following seas  :)

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