Tuesday, June 23, 2020


XO is taking a break from his normal activity patrolling and protecting Reboot. He is visiting our friends Yoko and Brian in Kuala Lumpur. I think he is a little confused by two things: it isn't hot and it doesn't rock. He is also getting his nails clipped. Even though he has a nice scratching post he wants to do the furniture. Not happening.

XO has taken a few trips in his life. My complaint had been that the airlines - led by my favorite user unfriendly bellwether American Airlines - have been routinely raising to cost to have an animal with you in the cabin. Last I checked it was $150 per flight. What is more frustrating is that "comfort animals" (anything signed off by a medical practitioner as reducing stress) fly for free. I have no problem with service dogs to help those in need. But watching some twit woman with her rat dog just ticks me off. Anyway....

I thought it would be easy, notwithstanding Covid19, to get XO and me on a flight. Nope. First, only one carrier, Malaysia Airlines will fly a pet. And only in baggage. Then Malaysia Airlines suspended service between Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur. They had their low cost carrier Firefly fly the route. Of course Firefly doesn't take pets. OK. Take the ferry. Nope, they are afraid of a 10 pound cat too!

Finally everything came together and I was able to take XO to KL. Except first I needed a vet certificate that he was healthy and had his shots. That was actually easier to get than my certificate that I had been tested for Covid-19 and didn't have it. After an extensive paper chase we were good to go.

Showed up at the airport. Nice greeting from the gate agent who didn't know how to enter XO into the computer system. That took an hour and a number of phone calls but finally she got it done. Quiet trip. Got to KL and got XO. Now the problem was that I was not allowed to leave the airport and Brian was not allowed to enter the airport. A very nice policeman turned his back to consult his cell phone for the 15 seconds it took to pass XO over the barrier fence.

BTW the load factor on the plane was about 20% and we made an extra airport stop on the way to drop off and pickup a few passengers.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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