Sunday, November 2, 2008

USS Freedom (LCS-1) Commissioning

The USS Freedom is the first of a new class of Navy combatant - a "Littoral Combat Ship." With a blue and gold crew of only 40 sailors each on at 300+ foot ship this represents a new level of "minimal crewing." Like SSBN's each crew is on for 4 months at a time, only one crew is manning the ship at a time. Should be interesting to see how they manage to get all the necessary maintenance done with only 40 people! If you have never seen the US Navy commission a ship I strongly recommend you stop by and watch if you are anywhere close to Milwaukee WI on Saturday November 8th at 10 am.


It has been raining most of the last three days. Everything is slippery. It is well known among cruisers that falling down the companionway ...