Saturday, March 20, 2010

Eat your hearts out!

It finally happened.  Several nice weather days in Key West.

  1. It’s SPRING BREAK and the town is inundated with beautiful young women.  Even we old guys appreciate beautiful young women, particularly when they adopt you and take you partying.  Not to mention the bars have instituted the “all you can drink from 8 PM to 11 PM for $10 rule.”  It makes for pretty good partying.
  2. Captain Steve (USN – ret.) came to visit.  Who knew he is a babe magnet.  One moment I am sitting quietly at the bar at Ricks, the next moment I see him on the dance floor surrounded by 8 or 9 cute young girls, then I am being lead out to the dance floor by their friends…  Quality!
  3. A group of us – Ed and Claudia (Door into Summer), Ginger (Gypsysails) and Ron (Last Dance) and of course my guest Captain Steve took Reboot sailing.  Just sailing.  No transit, no move, no reason to be out other than to enjoy the weather and the company.  We even got the chance to rig and sail the Asym – such a pretty sail.
  4. With Steve’s help I got a couple of more projects done on Reboot and also helped some of the other cruisers get some things fixed on their boats.  It is nice to enjoy the spirit of community.
  5. We did celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Not only were we all stained green but we got to watch the serious partiers set out to wade to the island.  This worked out quite well until they hit the part of the channel where the water is 9 feet deep.  All hands were safe.
  6. We also participated in a wedding at the Marina on St. Pats.  The bride and groom invited us (the entire Navigator Bar crowd, including those dripping wet from the island wade) to participate – green paint and all.  It was really very nice and their wedding pictures will be something special to share for many years to come.  Click on this to see the pictures!   You will never forgive yourself if you don't look at these pictures.



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  1. 1. "It’s SPRING BREAK and the town is inundated with beautiful young women." where are the pictures?!?!